Pick Just One

It’s a familiar and dreaded question…
     “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
     “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Goals and resolutions are well-intentioned, yet can feel burdensome, another add-on to an already unfinished list of “to do’s.”

Don’t get me wrong – reflecting on the bird’s eye perspective of your life is a worthy endeavor and committing to personal improvement is a sign you are still excited about being alive.

Here’s a simple solution.
Ask ONE question.

“What is ONE thing I can do to upgrade, recalibrate and recharge my life?”

You heard me correctly.
One Thing.

Can one change really make a difference?

John Dickerson, from CBS Face the Nation, asked Stephen Colbert, What did you learn about interviewing this year?

Stephen’s reply was: “Don’t hold a pen.”

Stephen describes how his CBS Late Show producer came on stage between acts and ordered, “Put your pen away.”

“It worked,” states Stephen Colbert.  One action of putting his pen away encouraged him to have a human conversation rather than play his “doing the news” role character from The Colbert Report, who uses the pen as a prop.

Stephen said, “It was the last bit of the armor.” Now, he can just be himself.

One Change. Dramatic Results.

Another example of “Pick Just One” is how Gretchin Rubin, author of The Happiness Project,  upgraded her happiness.

Here’s what she did:

She divided her year into twelve categories. Each month, she worked on ONE area of her life where she wanted to make herself happier. She writes, “What I found out about myself, and I think this is true for a lot of people, is that there was a lot of low-hanging fruit — steps that didn’t take much time, energy, or money yet could significantly boost my happiness. And why not be as happy as we can be?”

For you…

..I’m wondering what might be one thing – something fairly simple and easy and maybe even enjoyable, that makes a significant improvement in the quality of your day to day?

 Here’s some options I’ve personally found super easy and beneficial.

Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell
This app is on my cell phone. It rings intermittently throughout the day reminding me to stop momentarily, pay attention, breath, extend my spine and smile! You office mates might join you too!

Stand Up! The Work Break Timer
Americans sit an average of 8 hours a day. Our sedentary lifestyle is cause for alarm. Set up Stand Up! alarm and you’ll be reminded to take a short break from your desk, stand up, stretch and walk around your office or home.

Walk Outside
You’ve probably already experienced this. If you’re stressed out at home or in the office, it’s amazing what a quick walk outside can do for you.

“Science backs up this experience. A 2009 study found that after taking nature walks, people reported lower levels of stress. A 2013 study reported that taking a walk in a green area can put the brain in a meditative state, with results so profound they showed up on EEG (electroencephalography) recordings.”

Stretch Before Going to Bed
I stretch my quads, hips and do a yoga twist while I’m reading my go-to-sleep book. If you have back issues, stretching could make your snooze time more restful.

Creating a sense of well-being in your life is a worthy endeavor with great benefits for you, your colleagues and family. Keep it simple, make it doable and you will succeed.

One Change = Dramatic Results.