Advance Your Speaking Skills in 30 Days!

More than possible….

Significant Improvements Made in 30 Days!

To create a little order and organization in my home, I play this silly, but very effective 15-minute game. Here’s how it goes:

I set 15 minutes on the timer.

  1. When I push “start” I briskly pick up clutter, put away clothes, wipe down counters, tidy up my desk and stack my papers.
  2. Whatever is out of place gets placed back where it belongs.
  3. Buzzer sounds…I’m onto other things!

It may not be a pristine and perfectly clean house, but worthwhile change did occur.

Okay – so you’re wondering, “What does this have to do with Speaker Learning Labs?

Three Undeniably Powerful Principles:

Principle One: Concentrated Time
Our 4 sessions in every Learning Lab are actively engaging. Every adult in the Lab knows we have a limited amount of time–it’s not a moment to be shy or back down. We are learning, practicing, reflecting, practicing again and committing to next steps. Each class includes skill repetition from the prior week, plus direct and personal feedback.

“Barrie’s gentle yet succinct way of offering positive suggestions is wonderful.”
                                                                               ~Peggy Shafer

Principle Two: Focused Goal
Just like my game, participants know they have 4 classes to make significant improvements. They choose a goal–whether it’s better posture, breathing before speaking, active listening–and work at it. They tune-in, focus and commit to practice skills during the week. Participants report how much they notice other people’s speaking styles and improvement in their own.

Principle Three: A Sense of Play
For some, signing up to improve your speaking skills is THE biggest step–an act of true courage. Creating safety and fun is the perfect combination to make learning enjoyable and possible. You will feel totally at ease and in good company from your first class onward.

“Barrie’s acceptance of exactly where one begins and her repeated encouragement made the experience safe and was a confidence builder.”
                                                                                    ~Peggy Shafer


Speaker’s Learning Lab begins soon!

  • East Asheville:Tuesday, March 7
  • South Asheville: Monday, March 13! 
More Information and Registration Here!