A Dream

A Dream and a TED Talk Changed My Life

Since 2014, I haven’t been able to run. I tried…but I couldn’t even take five or six steps. Knee surgery ended that fun.

So you can imagine my dismay when I woke up after having an incredible dream of running. I could feel freedom and momentum as I propelled myself though space. It was exhilarating. 

And then I woke up. Bum knee still there.

But a couple days later, I heard this TED Talk.

Now…every day, since July 5, I’ve been running. Three more days and it will be my 30th day. My goal: Run Everyday! 

What made this possible is I didn’t have to declare how far or how long. I didn’t impose rules on the goal to run. 

Just Run!
..and each day, my time, distance and ability naturally increased.

All thanks to Matt Cutts, his groundbreaking talk, and a dream.

I promise this isn’t your standard, “do something for 30 days” goal setting approach.

Matt’s approach is super simple, fun, curious and doable. It’s a short listen – just 6 minutes. Enjoy and let me know what you plan to do for 30 days. 

Ted Talk: Matt Cutts, Try Something New For 30 Days