Get To The Heart of Your Message

If you’ve worked with me, you know I help you improve on delivery tools, content clarity and performance skills. But lately, a foundational component of the “art of presentation” is waving its arms for attention.

While listening to an incredible interview with Billie Jean King, the former #1 tennis player, this foundation component was expressively audible in her story and her voice.

In 1981, Ms. King was outed as a lesbian and faced hardships and backlash as a public figure. Here are her words and those challenges:

KING: And finally, I got them [lawyer and manager] to understand that I had to do this [press conference] no matter what they consequences, that I had to tell the truth.

DAVIES: And were you right in the end when it happened?

KING: It really got down to what my parents had actually taught Randy and me about our values… My mom and dad always taught us to thine own self be true, have peace of mind, you know, tell the – you know, just do the right thing, even if it’s not popular. And this is one of these times. This is not going to help me be popular.

What strikes me the most is King’s commitment to “living her truth,” by which I mean: embodying her deepest values and letting them direct her actions with fortitude and courage.

Speaking From Our Core Has Greater Impact

To speak from our authentic truth or from inner confidence, we need to have rooted within a sense of our values, purpose or motivation. It is only then that you go beyond simply being a…

 … “carrier of a message,” but a “believer in the message.”

Walking on stage with conviction can take you even farther than articulating your words or having good posture. We, your audience can hear your steadfast passion, are inspired and motivated.

Know Thyself: Let’s start with you!

An ingredient of believing in your message is also believing in yourself. I encourage you to investigate and clarify what makes you uniquely you, what motivates you.

Let’s go digging for clarity around your values, your strengths, what you bring to the table, how you live your truth through actions.

I suggest your first visit is VIA Institute on Character. They offer a free assessment test.

And then visit Barrett Values Centre. You can take the very short assessment at this site too. This website has a plethora of information about Values: Leadership, Organizational and Personal.

Read this well-written blog post about Values

Carry your newfound awareness of your values, strengths and purpose into the next meeting, speaking engagement or networking event.  Having that foundational component will sound like a good friend standing behind you saying, “I’ve got your back!”