A Winning Equation

A Winning Equation

It’s 1966. I’m in 1st grade at Ira B. Jones Elementary School. We are learning gallons, quarts, pints, cups and all those measuring computations. Numbers and I are not friends. Overwhelmed with too much information, too quickly, my little 6 year old says with unwavering clarity, “I’m not going to learn this.” And, so, I dragged it into the mental “maybe later” folder.

Had I known then what I know now – that I learn by doing, handling, pouring, measuring – that I’m a kinesthetic learner, I would be able to tell you how many quarts equals a gallon. Secret – I never did “get to it later”. Good thing I’m a speaking coach and not a cupcake baker.

As an adult who profoundly understands the impact of “get to it later,” I made another unwavering decision: Get In Shape. For 2 years, I made (and broke) 15,000 promises to myself. But, I’m proud to say, that with a little self awareness and understanding, I finally found a way to succeed (more on this in a minute!) and the promises are finally sticking!

Self Awareness plus Knowledge is making me a SUPERSTAR!

I share this story, friends – because I believe when we know how we are wired (without complaints or judgements) and learn how to make wise and beneficial decisions on our own behalf – we become efficient, effective and living just gets easier (and better).

What I learned (this is the knowledge part) is I thrive when I’m accountable to others. Gretchin Rubin, writes in Better Than Before that we have habit personalities or tendencies. I’m an Obliger and we are motivated by external accountability. If I tell you I’m going to do something, I will. If we have a meeting, I’m showing up. If I set a curtain time for a show or a workshop, I’m there – well prepared.

What I know (this is the self awareness part) is that I enjoy working out, feeling empowered and healthy, but my 15,000 promises are regularly broken by thoughts like: “I’m tired. Not enough time. I’ll go later.”

My Superstar Plan?

If being accountable is my route to accomplishment – hire a workout coach! I did and even better did it with a girlfriend. Now I’m accountable to two people. Once a week, I’m there – even in the midst of those consistent nagging thoughts. They are ignored by my high level of responsibility to others.

Now, it’s your turn.

I’m not assuming or suggesting my strategy works for you. But what does work for you? What do you know about your default mode – the mode preventing you from your Super Stardom? What tool, information or support can you uncover, discover and learn that once you implement it – will put you in the spotlight?

Speaking of spotlights! Maybe a promise you have made (and broken) to yourself involves finally facing your fears and sharing your story?? If so, you will LOVE the 5-week Speaker’s Learning Lab I am hosting in October. It is specifically designed for those who have put speaking in public on the “get to it later list”.