You Can’t Change What You Don’t See

It’s Go Time! Are You Ready?

You just got that speaking invitation. It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for – but…yikes! It’s in 3 days. Your content is set. Thank goodness! Delivery is not. There’s no time to attend a Speaker’s Lab; no time to hire a coach. Never fear! You can reassure and reinforce a well-written presentation with these three steps.

1. Ask A Friend or Colleague

You can’t change what you don’t see or hear. Invite a friend or colleague to be your eyes and ears. Give them specific things to look for while you speak. You might suggest, “notice if I pace, note my nervousness, listen for a monotone voice.”  The more specific your instructions, the better feedback you receive.

2. Record Your Voice Only

The voice recording allows you to attune your ears to keen listening for the articulation of words, clear speaking, well-placed pauses, and an expressive tone. Tweak your delivery as you detect any weakness in any of those areas.

3. Video-Tape Yourself

On observant friend and recorded voice gives you direct feedback on specific elements. By videotaping, you’ll see the full picture – how all those elements fit together and ultimately what your audience is witnessing too.

Give yourself a high-five for being deliberate and conscientious about preparing for this upcoming opportunity. Readiness and awareness are two keys tools for ensuring a glowing presentation!