Ready To Claim Your Power?

Hearing the Call

In two weeks, I’ll be hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain. One day, I’ll hike 10 miles – a huge stretch for me. I’m a 4-mile-hike-gal. Even with trepidation, I’m hungry for challenge. I’m ready to be tested.

That urge to be challenged says, “I’m ready to be more than I believe I am.” It says, “Let’s see if I can breakthrough perceived barriers and be more.” It’s a scary and exhilarating voice. When you hear it, you know that challenge and reward are on their way.

Still, I feel the trepidation. Still, I question whether I can actually do it.

Women Leaders Claiming Their Power

As women, we tend to diminish our abilities. I’m noticing this as I begin a training session for 18 women leaders. Closed body shapes, tentative vocal and physical expression and a shy or coy demeanor is expressed in some of the women.

However, just 2-hours later, these same women are speaking with a decisive clarity, direct eye contact, embodied confidence and humble power as they claim their leadership roles and the gifts they bring to the table.

This brings me so much joy! I know that this transformation is just the beginning of the reward for these women.

So Here’s My Challenge…

Most times we don’t know we can _____ until we try. You fill in the blank. I know that sounds…well…duh… But the impetus to move beyond contemplation to action is inertia’s worst friend. In 2-hours, the 18 women in my workshop claimed their power, discovered their bigness, their voice, and their potential.

This is my work in the world. It’s my job to move people toward seeing what is possible and to help them know they can be so much more than they believe they are.


Take the butterflies in your stomach, the lock in your throat and all the “I can’t” stories with you. They will catch on to your courage. Instead, with boldness, say, “Yes, I can!” This new voice coupled with your newfound confidence will get you up whatever mountain you are facing today. I promise.

Let’s Make An Agreement

I’ll let you know how my 34-mile hiking tour goes and you let me know what you challenged yourself to do and how it went. I have a feeling we’ll have some great stories to share with each other.