Full Steam Ahead For 2020

It’s that fresh start time of the year when we pledge to extend our reach, expand our impact and break through the scary stuff to become more than we believe we can be.

As soon as the clock struck 2020, Stacy, Ann and Terry – all with some apprehension about speaking – signed up for private coaching. Big opportunities await these women and they knew a well designed speech delivered with poise and purpose was the way to step into being better at what they do and invite even more opportunities to their careers.

I’m full steam ahead as I accept these challenges:

  1. Joining UNCA faculty as adjunct, teaching Public Speaking
  2. Enhancing and growing my private coaching program.
  3. Expanding training and workshop opportunities

Winter/Spring Schedule

If you are ready to be a better speaker, discover your message and craft a powerfully distinguished speech, it’s time for you to sign-up for one of Stand and Deliver Asheville’s trainings or individual coaching.

Let’s set up a 30 minute call.

This no charge opportunity affords us time to get to know each other, for you to ask questions and for me to understand your goals. HIT REPLY and let’s get on the phone.