When You Are Ready to Nail That Next Speech…I’m Here to Help.

Had you told me 5 years ago, I’d be guiding and improving professional results for civil engineers, an app developer, an orthodontist office manager, personal coaches or non-profit executive directors, I would have looked at you with eyebrows raised and said, “who me?”

I love working with these clients. All of them come nervous or overwhelmed, and equally determined to serve their organizations in a first class professional way.

They are seeking easy, effective ways to share their messages professionally and personably. This makes my role very satisfying.

How do I help these clients?

1. Perspective: I’m looking from the Outside In

You are bursting with ideas, concepts and messages you believe in and want to share with an audience. You’ve got the bird’s eye view while also tending to multiple details. Most clients say, “I don’t know where to start.” Or they’ve designed a speech that impacts like a sleeping pill rather than a reason to listen.As your coach I help you:

  • Percolate on ideas and get you talking out loud.
  • Hear your wisdom and help you gain clarity.
  • Think and create.
  • Detect that missed but oh so very important point.
  • I’ll hear incongruent ideas and fine tune the main thread that ties your entire speech together.
  • I’ll be your audience’s eyes and ears – your testing ground.
  • Be your very own cheerleader!

2. Purpose: I’m helping you clarify your audience’s outcome.If you want to move your audience from one perspective to another – you’re first job is to give them a reason to listen. How will your ideas change their life for the better? You’re already convinced. We will drill into this and ensure your speech accomplishes your audience’s purpose for showing up.

3. Plan: We build a message map.

You can call me Siri in the flesh – helping to guide your content from start to finish. I’ve taken clients speeches and transformed them into well-organized content with a clear map and receive responses like this, “this makes so much sense now,” or “this will make it easier to remember my speech.” The last thing you want to be concerned with when you stand and deliver is what comes next. A message map alleviates this worry.