Act First. Confidence Follows.

Susie’s name was called. Finally, the opportunity she’d hoped for: to share her story and apply the speaking skills she learned the past two months was here! She performed on stage, under theater lights to an audience of 60 people.

The video proved it. She rocked! Even came in second place! Honestly, she implemented everything we practiced: varied vocal inflection, perfect pausing, emotional shifts through pacing and volume. She was expressive, energetic and fully engaged.

At our next session, I asked, “What do you know about you as a speaker that you didn’t know 2 months ago?

“I know I can,” she answered. That was good – a strong step forward. I paused. Actually, I bit my tongue. I wanted her I can to stay alive in the space between us – for it to resonate and reverberate a little longer.

What came next was the perfect opening for me to dislodge my tongue and speak.

I said, “It’s great you know you can.

“And, not to push you toward something you don’t quite believe yet, but is it possible to make space inside you and consider affirming you are also a talented storyteller and writer?”

Tears welled up in her eyes. She was grappling with a new possibility. Her action had generated new confidence. It might wax and wane – but would never leave her fully.

She was stepping over the threshold from “I can” to fully owning her gift.

Are you ready to cross your threshold?