Allow Your Efforts A Break

A Zest for Learning! Commitment to Improving!

Determination to Expand Your Expertise!


We share these values, actions and professional endeavors. You take pride in your work and strive to positively impact your clients and community. This is why I love serving as your coach, facilitator, colleague, and friend.

This weekend, I pulled 4 hefty beets and cut stalks of crunchy kale from my garden – the bounty from dirt, digging, and planting. I love that my efforts while challenging, were palpable – and delicious too!

It made me reflect on the constant digging and “hard-working” we do in our lives. It seems we are always on our way to something more, striving, seeking, expanding and advancing. However, I recommend you do take time to appreciate the delightful evidence of your efforts – the bounty of your own garden, if you will.

A Moment of Reflection:


Take time to pause from the pursuit of more learning and improvement and, instead, appreciate, celebrate, reflect, integrate, and live fully into what you have learned and all you have become.

It is imperative to your well-being, and to your continued progress, to stop and recognize your personal evolution, to take inventory, and to wholeheartedly claim what you do well and how far you have come.

And, definitely give yourself a high five, a gold star, a sip of champagne, and celebrate YOU every chance you get!

I’m celebrating you!