Presence During A Pandemic? Are you crazy?

B.C. = Before Covid

Remember those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times, gobbled breakfast, and shortened your shower? You loaded the kids up, dropped them at school right before the bell, and dashed to work? Thankfully, the 20-minute drive to the office gave you time to settle yourself, focus on the day ahead and unwind from the frantic start.

D.C. = During Covid

Now, you are STILL rolling out of bed, gobbling up breakfast, shortening your shower, getting the kids settled, and then after just a hop, skip, and a jump down the hallway, you are in your office to jump on your first (of many!) Zoom calls of the day. Alas. No 20-minute commute. Transition time aborted.

Calibrating Your Presence

Without the transition time,
how are you aligning your energy and focus?

How you show up is your secret power to set the tone of a meeting, a conversation, or a pitch. Energy is infectious in-person and online. Your calm demeanor can settle an uncertain colleague. Your generous smile can pull someone out of a funk. Your executive presence can communicate steady, strong and capable leadership and this is needed more now than ever.

With the onslaught of economic, political, and COVID updates, bringing “presence” into our professional engagement might feel unattainable.

Presence must be cultivated.

I do hear your exasperating question, “But, Barrie! When do I have time to “cultivate” presence?” And, I’ve got a solution! A tool that is making a significant and noticeable difference in my life.

It might help you too.

Here’s a brief back story

Dan Harris, ABC News Anchor had a panic attack on national T.V.

This harrowing experience lead him to mindfulness even though he was a first-rate skeptic. He immersed himself into the practice, wrote a book, Ten Percent Happier, developed a well-presented Ten Percent daily program app and was recently interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

I tried the app for one week. I haven’t missed a day since.

This app is a smart, convenient program with terrific instructions and practice in very short segments. Benefits come with regularity.

Cultivating presence helps navigate current challenges with increased focus and clarity.
If you give it a try – I’d love to hear about your experience.

Wishing you continued success,