Virtual Fluency: The New Leadership Skill

August was a stellar month!

I hope for you too.

I launched Elevate Your Virtual Presence and Connection, a 4-session training program for businesses seeking to gain greater visual command, improve communication, and engage teams on virtual platforms. In my 6 years of training and empowering speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I can truly say – this training is my best!

For 5 weeks, I trained 30 architects, engineers, marketing, and business developers. I witnessed attendees’ truest desire for competence, which they understood would enable them to more fully contribute to their team, their company, and to the quality of the work they do.

Attendees weren’t just looking for some tricks and tips. They aspired to mastery, to create greater engagement, to be effective leaders, and to guide their teams well. Four sessions later, confidence increased, their virtual fluency improved and applicable tools already put to the test proved the success of this program.

Professional Engineer John Stuart says…

Thank you very much for the excellent training which I have been applying to my virtual engagements since the start of the training.  Making the most of the time we interact with people is more important than ever and doing it effectively over video makes it that much more critical.

Mastering a new skill – especially virtual fluency – takes diligence and persistence. Ask any artist and she’ll tell you improving never ends. Aspiration lifts our doubts, gives us momentum, and guides us to seek experts, answers, and useful tools to help us contribute the best of ourselves to the world and people we touch.