3 Virtual Leadership Skills To Build Your Team

Millions of business professionals like you are reassembling work life, client communication and sales protocol. If you thought you could transfer pre-covid work processes directly onto virtual platforms without a redesign, you’re probably suffering like many businesses with lack of participation, a breakdown in communication and possibly even company morale. A recent training attendee said, “it’s getting stale.”

I’m helping clients and companies put the puzzle pieces of their work world back together in this new landscape called virtual communication. Remote work requires a brand new leadership skill – virtual fluency – a multi-dimensional skill set. To get you started, here’s 3 easy to apply tips to use in your next virtual interaction.

TIP ONE: Engage Immediately

Since there’s no longer normal chit-chat of attendees entering a meeting room, get them engaged right away. Prepare a poll focused on the meeting purpose or have a question on the whiteboard for them to answer on paper.

Your introverts will appreciate this “time to ponder” method. And of course, warmly welcome them and asking how they are doing.

TIP TWO: Clarify Your Process

You’ve experienced it right? Everyone talking simultaneously? Or no one talking at all? Avoid this communication glitch by clarifying how you will call on people. You can say, “If you have a question or comment, raise your hand or use the icon hand raise.” Or set up an order of speakers in alphabetical order.

TIP THREE: Say Participant’s Name

Saying someone’s name is a powerful form of affirmation and inclusiveness. Say attendee’s name by referring back to what they said, quoting them directly or calling on them to volunteer their input. You’ll need to hone the skill of good listening and synthesizing attendees input.

When offering thanks, say their name and then offer a compliment. “Taylor, your input today was very helpful.” “Michelle, I’m grateful to have you on this team.” By letting your team members know specifically what you are grateful for – you’ll add momentum to productivity and even better – company morale!

Join my free webinar- Elevate Your Virtual Presence and Connection on Tuesday, Oct. 20: 9:30 am or 2:30 pm. to learn more about virtual leadership and communication. You’ll leave with tools ready to implement in your next remote meeting.