It Takes Chutzpah!

“Find Your Voice”…

…is an overused message especially for folks like me who help people find their voice for a living.

However, I admit…I’ve used it.

Last year, I stepped into roles I didn’t know I was capable of. A year later, I realize now – I found MY voice.

I haven’t become a keynote speaker or a podcast star. Instead, I fully committed to lead TEDx Asheville, finish writing a book and scale up my 6-week course Craft A Speech Worth Sharing. While doing these things, I faced doubts, moved through fears and yet, was determined to succeed.

I fondly call this period my “chutzpah training.”

Tech rehearsal in any production involves multiple moving parts: light cues, sound checks, slide-show glitches, entrances and exits while I am the master juggler trying to keep it all together and maintain composure.

At our final tech/dress rehearsal, one of the TEDx Asheville speakers asked how they could help me. I gleefully and honestly said, “I’m fine. “This is my happy jam.”

And that’s it! Happy Jam! Coaching and putting others under the spot light is what I love. I know I’m good at what I do especially when I’m acting on behalf of others. This is why I’m starting 2022 ready to share my voice, my knowledge and my gifts with professionals, organizations and leaders who are also ready to find their voice!

If you are ready to find your “happy jam”, schedule one on one coaching with me or enroll in my fully expanded Craft a Speech Worth Sharing