After her 3rd TEDx Talk draft….

I asked – “what do you do?” Up to this point, Ginger’s speech drafts used vague and abstract language and overly repeated phrases. Here’s the problem: Ginger knows exactly what she does and why, but to articulate it into language, messaging and voice is challenging her.

I’ll raise my hand on this one too! Maybe you can relate?
I’m an excellent speaking coach, but to explain what I do and why
can get me tongue-tied.

Like Ginger, you are bursting with a great idea, program, product, or system you wholeheartedly believe in and want to share with an audience. Because you are “inside”what you do, it’s challenging to step outside of it and know how to speak about it and get an audience excited.

Here’s why a speech coach is helpful!

  • We can go spelunking into your topic or message.
  • I’ll help you percolate on your best ideas and get you talking out loud.
  • By hearing your wisdom, I’ll help you gain clarity.
  • Through my inquiry, we can detect a missed but oh so very important point.
  • I’ll help you fine tune your core message that ties your entire speech together.
  • I’ll be your audience’s eyes and ears – your testing ground.

It’s time to put yourself in front of an audience…

…and let your potential customers know what you have to offer. Before you do –  enroll in  Craft a Speech Worth Sharing a step by step strategic and creative training to help you go from from “throw it together” to “stand and deliver” speeches. By the time you finish this training, you’ll have a ready-to-go speech that captured the message you most want to communicate.