Can One Improvement Make A Difference?

“You can improve your value by 50% just by learning
communication skills – public speaking…”
~ Warren Buffet

“Peyton, that’s the best speech you’ve given all semester.” If you sat in my UNCA public speaking class lately, you’d hear that statement numerous times. You’d see the students inhabiting their speeches where content, delivery, confidence and poise are aligned and united. The students are fully “inside” their speeches.



After training multiple people, I know small tweaks, slight adjustments, yes, even one change in the way you communicate, speak and present makes a significant improvement in the way you are perceived and how you feel about yourself. Really, friends – it’s that simple.

Here’s the catch – you need to know what tweaks to make, what slight adjustments to change. That’s where having someone else’s eyes and ears in the room helps. I’d love if that someone else is me. You can’t change what you don’t see.

My UNCA students are now able to engage in their world and their future with a skill that will carry them far. You can do the same!