What Is Full Spectrum Speaking?

“…stories are the single best inspirational, motivational,
and instructional tool that we have.”

~ Richard Krevolin


Imagine, making $55,000 per minute the next time you give a speech? In March 2012, Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative raised 1 million dollars after his 18-minute TED Talk, We Need to Talk about Injustice.

Bryan Stevenson delivers a cadre of personal and historical stories – some with sweet nostalgia; others with common sense humor. But Stevenson doesn’t depend solely on stories. He has an effective formula:

* Story: 65%  –  Appeals to our emotions
* Data & Evidence: 25%   –  Speaks to reason and logic
* Credibility 10% – The man comes with high marks!

I call this formula, “Full Spectrum Speaking,” content that speaks to the abstract and creative minds and the analytical and logical thinkers in your audience.

Stevenson says…
“You need data, facts, and analysis to challenge people, but you also need narrative to get people comfortable enough to care about the community that you are advocating for. Your audience needs to be willing to go with you on a journey.”


TALK TIP: Pinpoint a story: personal, historical, mythical that illuminates, illustrates or demonstrates your core message. Reference research results or a case study about your topic to speak to reason and logic. Open with a quote and close with a story. Remember, these full spectrum speaking elements serve to expand the impact of your message and capture the hearts and minds of your listeners.