Are You Using Fossilized Phrases?

Chris, a CEO of a large local company is one of 5 businesses sponsoring a awards banquet. He and his 4 colleagues have 3 minutes to speak.

At our first session, with his speech in hand – he stands, and the first words of his speech are: “On behalf of…”

Neither was I.

I asked Chris,” How many of the other 4 speakers do you think will open with that phrase?” His response: “Likely all.”

The phrase is overused.
I might even venture toward fossilized.


Openings matter. 
They give your audience a reason to listen and keep listening.
They hear “on behalf of…” for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time and snooze.

Step out of the “go-to” same-old-same-old jargon.
A poignant quote can captivate your audience’s attention and focus on the theme. Or try making a connection to the audience.

EXAMPLE: “As I look around this room, ALL the businesses represented here shape the future of our community and are the foundation of our economy.”

This example indicates you are speaking directly to the audience, and even though they aren’t a sponsor, you are affirming their generous contributions.

Now, you’ve connected to everyone in the room and given them a well-deserved pat on the back.