From Square Screens to Shared Spaces

We’ve gone from square screens to shared spaces. Muting the audience and “no video” is no longer an option. You are seen & heard.


During the height of the pandemic and through the lens of zoom, our non-verbal communication got a break. It was impossible to see your foot shaking or your arms crossed. Those subconsciously evident facial expressions were off-limits in your tiny zoom box.

Now you’re back to networking, meetings and speaking and your non-verbals are broadcasting every nervous twitch or slight collapse of your shoulders. Our colleagues, potential clients and audiences read those messages with every cell in their body.


TALK TIP #1: Become self aware

Notice how you are standing or sitting and the shape your body takes in meetings or networking environments. Pay attention to your posture. Is there tension in your body? in your shoulders? or face? Is “um” a go-to word to fill in when you are nervous?

TALK TIP #2: Enroll a friend

Because you can’t change what you can’t see, do an “observe exchange” with a friend or colleague and then share notes. Doing this just once will give you insights how you are communicating.

With those insights – you are ready to incorporate new ways to communicate.