I Made a Mistake!

While moving at lightning speed, from one detail to the next to organize and stage TEDx Asheville 2022, I made a big mistake.

If it was a detail on the website – easy fix.
If I forgot to arrange a projector, a call would right that wrong.

This mistake required I apologize. Even with that creepy-crawly feeling of shame and embarrassment in my gut, I didn’t hesitate.


Here’s My Email: Please find your largest, muddiest boots because I deserve a good swift kick in my ass. You are 100% correct. I was wrong and I apologize. I hate I made that  mistake especially with you.

Wayne Muller, author of Sabbath – writes, “good people doing good work – poorly.” That describes me exactly in this situation.

I’ll call to express this personally. I loved our collaboration. It stands out as one the top 3 highlights of my TEDx experience. I’m so fond of you and love your insights and contribution.

I’m terribly sorry.

I Called

Writing “I’m sorry” and saying it are different. Saying it requires a dollop of courage, a heaping tablespoon each of humility, sincerity and honesty.

Benefits of Making This Sincere Apology

  • Repaired our relationship immediately.
  • Recognized we honor our relationship enough to speak our truth: his anger; my apology.
  • I believe in integrity. Acting on it means I’m fully committed.
Make the call. Say you are sorry. Move on!