Are you a glib-wiz or a preparer?

Sam walked into our session with positive energy radiating from every core of his being: enthusiasm, readiness and a big smile to match. I watched two of his videos where he demonstrated that same energy.

Sam’s a glib-wiz – those folks who know their business or their products so well –  they can speak about it in a moment’s notice.

Sam said, “I’ve been lucky.” He’d presented to large audience with almost no preparation. He also said, “my luck might run out at my biggest opportunity and I’m not willing to risk that anymore.”


TALK TIP: A Starting Point To Make Your Speech

I’m a “preparer,” a method I’d never suggest Sam adopt. If you are a “preparer” or an “off-the-cuff” speaker, here’s a tip to get you started on crafting a speech.

  • Splat all your ideas, messages, key points, “must includes,” and meandering thoughts onto a white board or separate sticky notes.

  • Instead of your ideas swimming around in your head, you’ve made them visible.

  • Consider these as puzzle pieces to build your speech.

  • Move them around and discover the best order to streamline your content with one idea building upon the next.

It may take time for the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Be patient. Stay open.  Eventually, the pieces will connect. Once that happens, you will speak with positive energy radiating from every core of your being too!