What Is A Reappraisal Response?

“You didn’t get the job.”  “We don’t need your services any longer.”  “You weren’t accepted” 


Have you received these kinds of message? Did it create:

  • A momentary gut punch?
  • Exasperation?
  • Or a vortex of doom?

And then, viola – you say, “I’ll figure it out. I always do.” That my friend, is a “reappraisal response.”

You pause and reevaluate a potentially emotion-eliciting situation. Through these mindful actions you reduce the emotional impact on you. Instead of life jerking you around, you claim agency, act on your behalf, and reframe the situation in a more positive light.

Talk Tip:

If you are like most, the fear of speaking and the physiological responses that accompany it: increase heart rate, sweaty palms and shallow breathing can take you swirling into the vortex of doom. To go from this frenetic state to calm and collective is a high order. Instead, design a reappraisal statement – something you wholeheartedly believe and know that you call up in these situations.

Here’s some examples: Sure, I’m nervous, but…..
  • This is an exciting opportunity to show my leadership.

  • I’m so grateful to be invited to share my perspective.

  • Last month, I received positive feedback. I can do that again.

  • I know my work and I know my value.

The power of a perception shift can transform a dreaded situation into a thrilling opportunity to shine.