Be A Jerk? Or Be Human.

Today, after 6 decades of living in a home with a landline, I said good-bye to 828 658-1217. My Spectrum’s Customer Service experience was a blast – friendly conversation and laughter.

Say, “customer service,” and you’ll see eyes rolling for good reason. You know these lines: “please hold,” and “let me connect you with the next customer service agent.” So, why did my conversation go so well?

Here’s my take:
  • Jay, from Texas (customer service rep.) got up this morning and showed up to work. Working for Spectrum might not be his favorite job – but he’s there to do his best.
I have a choice.
Be a jerk? Or be human?




If you are looking to improve speaking skills, leading or influencing, then choose human. Talk with relate to and communicate to everyone with respect.

Because I’m committed to speaking with respect and courtesy to everyone, I approach these calls not as a nuisances, but as an opportunity to walk my talk.

We need to replenish faith in the human spirit of kindness, respect and manners. Easiest place to start is the people you connect with daily – your waitress, the grocery clerk, the political phone banker and Jay – on the other end of the phone.

You have a choice. Be human!