I Was Going To Back Out

Bryn, scheduled to present her TEDx Talk in a week is panicked. Her talk isn’t the talk she’s meant to give. With no coaching from her TEDx team – she calls me.

Twenty-four hours later, I’ve helped her:

  • discover her true message
  • clarify her core statement
  • align her topics, stories and science
  • streamline her content – so each section builds upon the next
  • toss out unnecessary content

Today she sends this:

“Earlier this week, I was going to back out. It felt like an insurmountable challenge. Truly, your help has been invaluable. “

Now, Bryn’s TEDx Talk is the one she intended to present all along. Her talk fully represents her, her life experience, her life’s work and expresses the vision of what she wants to bring to the world.