How long will you wait?

In eighteen years of working her way to Senior Vice President of a bank, Stacy avoided invitations for public speaking. Comfortable leading board meetings, committees and speaking to clients, Stacy stayed in her safe zone. Stand and speak in front of 500 people? No thanks.

An invitation to speak at a large community event landed on her desk. Terrified and uncertain, she knew it was her time. That’s when she called me.

TALK TIP: I applaud Stacy’s courage and readiness to accept this speaking opportunity and hire me to prepare her for an outstanding performance. And, here’s my advice to you. Don’t wait 18 years. Start now. Learn to be an effective public speaker.

Here’s four benefits why now is the time to pursue public speaking

  • When opportunities come your way, and they will, you won’t hesitate to say YES!
  • The more you speak – other’s witness your competence and confidence.
  • You then become their go-to for leadership, community engagement and representing the company.
  • Your presence, your voice and your message represent a valuable social currency that when shared with others, becomes an invaluable asset for all.