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The program gave many of us the understanding that much of what we attribute to ‘charisma’ can be learned.

—David Lancor, Clark Nexsen

I’m incorporating Stand and Deliver skills by listening to concerns and responding in a positive, clear and concise manner.

I speak slower and with more confidence with consultants and clients.

Mastering these skills is an ongoing process, but the awareness of these tactics helps me center myself and subdue my anxiety during any interaction.


The improvements I made are sticking with me without much thought. I feel more confident when I am approaching new situations.


The improvisation lessons were very helpful to keep me thinking and aware of my surroundings and body while trying to deliver a message.


I saw my colleagues make obvious improvements through a short period of time.

Barrie’s training of the “posture of dignity” has been very helpful for feeling more comfortable and ‘elevated’ somehow, which feels simply better getting into any situation or even just walking around town.

It was a relief to just try out something new and break my habits.

Our team has improved in varying degrees. I’ve noticed an increased confidence in speaking, articulating and engaging one another to convey a thought, concern or suggestion.


Working with Barrie was an eye opener in terms of now knowing in which areas I want to need to grown in as a communicator. I now have the tools to work on those areas.

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