What are your innate gifts, and how can they be expressed in your world?

Each of us has natural abilities or gifts, yet we may not have fully acknowledged or claimed them. It’s time to change that.

Stand and Deliver Asheville presents…

The Power of Self-Leadership: Claiming Your Gifts

with Master Coach Brian Jaudon

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This year can be the year you change everything. 

Each of us has natural abilities or gifts, yet we may not have fully acknowledged or claimed them. When we’re not offering our gifts, we interrupt the natural flow of giving and receiving and create internal conflict within ourselves.

Master Coach Brian Jaudon will guide you through a compassionate journey of finding the extraordinary gifts you possess through visualization, journaling, interviewing and constellation work while learning the Five Stages of Gift Development.

Brian draws on the work of Bert Hellinger (Constellations), Dick Schwartz (Internal Family Systems) as well as his innovative gifts methodology, including the Five Stages of Gift Development.

In this interactive 1-day workshop with Brian Jaudon, you will…

  • dive deep into discovering what your inner gifts are
  • hone your existing gifts so they’re applied better to your world

Who Should Participate In The Power of Self-Leadership Workshop?

This workshop is perfect for corporate leaders, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, therapists, coaches, consultants, teachers, activists, changemakers, artists, and even students. 


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Interactive work with Brian
  • Visualization exercises
  • Immersive journaling time
  • Constellation work
  • Insights and lessons about the Five Stages of Gift Development

Details & Logistics:

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • 10am – 4:15pm
  • Please arrive by 9:45 am. Coffee served!

  • $118 / person

Brian Jaudon is a master coach with a passion for bringing out the best in individuals, teams and communities.

He works with individuals, teams and organizations to align their gifts, mission and strategy. His core services are: gift development, self leadership training, behavior change coaching and senior team development.

More info: https://www.brianjaudon.com/

Brian’s workshop enabled me to discover, or re-discover, several of my gifts that lay dormant for many years. Through experience and assimilation, the workshop allowed each person to draw out their own insights about his or her gifts and bring them into harmony with their lives.
William Marshall
The outcome of working with Brian to discover my gifts has been nothing short of stunning. As well as I thought I knew myself, he saw things I would not have been able to see on my own. It was a life changing experience that has yielded transformative results.
Joan Shafer