She Has A Voice


Women who seek a bold and confident approach to their businesses and professions, know creating meaningful connections and leading with effective communication is key to gaining respect, making sales, and building supportive colleagues, clients and team members.

Unfortunately, women are vulnerable to beliefs rooted in cultural conditioning that we must play small, speak softly, and accommodate others. This belief manifests by shrinking in our posture and in how we frame our conversations and presentations with disempowering language.

Attendees will:

  • Apply skills and practices that champion effective speaking.
  • Project greater confidence and presence.
  • Learn to craft and organize a speech.
  • Cultivate inner resources of self-awareness and authority.
  • Understand and utilize the power of language and voice.

In “She Has a Voice” Barrie helps women embody strength, express themselves with power and poise, and speak with clarity and confidence. Barrie believes that to live boldly and to achieve the successes women are due, deserves our attention and alignment with our authentic power.

Yes! I am interested in improving my power through communication.