Individual Coaching

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or extrovert.

You have the power to move beyond your limitations and create a lasting impact.

individual3Barrie is available for private coaching sessions. These sessions are perfect for an author, professional creative, corporate executive or solo business owner who needs customized approaches and undivided attention. Barrie works with all skill levels. Prepare for a speaking event, hone your pitch and reveal your greatest strengths and opportunities to improve your presence.

Barrie can help you work on, and integrate, any of the following: 

  • General fear of public speaking 
  • Nervousness when speaking in a one-on-one or small group setting
  • Finding clarity and intention for what you want to say
  • Improving the voice through physical posture
  • Breathing techniques
  • Finding your balance and “power pose”
  • Improving stance and creating a natural, not forced, stage presence
  • Ways to improve networking habits
  • Preparing for a specific presentation or event



Do you feel more comfortable in a group setting but still want individualized attention?

Our popular Learning Lab is the perfect fit. Learning Lab is an intimate group, capped at 12 participants, who study and learn with Barrie over four weeks. It’s affordable, fun, and tailored to make sure you achieve your specific goals. Register early so you don’t lose your spot!