Barrie Barton is the TEDx Asheville Executive Director and Coach.

TEDx Asheville 2022

A year ago – 2021, I emailed our TEDx community an announcement about relaunching TEDx Asheville. I wrote:

“From gathering information, forming core ideas and transforming visions to actions, we re-enter the community conversation, re-engage our community and roll out a warm welcome mat and say, “come on in – join us!”

And you did! You joined us as sponsors, as volunteers and as our audience. On Sun., Feb. 27th, nine remarkable speakers took the stage. We had a blast!

Behind the lights, applause, video-cameras and amazing speakers, our volunteer team and leaders envisioned, designed, and created an event that was professionally produced, inclusive to all and expansive in speaker topics and ways to engage.

We plan to stay in touch, keep in you posted on our next Red Rug Roundtable event, 2022 Speaker videos & TEDx Asheville 2023.

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“Barrie helped me prepare for my TED talk. I have no idea how I would’ve done it without her even though I have public speaking experience. She helped clarify my ideas and organization, create better transitions, and had all kinds of tricks including how to remember my talk and be more confident on stage. If you want to be a better speaker, create better content, play a bigger game and have fun while doing it, hire Barrie.”

TEDx Asheville

“You really helped get me "to the points" of my talk -- getting me arrow-focused. I tend to get overwhelmed/immersed in details/research and have trouble with outlining it and boiling it down.”

Speaker’s Learning Lab client 2018

“The speech was a massive hit. Over 1,300 people and probably 200 people came up to me during the conference and told me how much they enjoyed it. Also, probably getting a gig in Hawaii because of it. Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks so much!”

Emotional Intelligence Coach Individual Coaching

“Barrie helped me turn my speech from boring to brilliant! She has a wonderful way of capturing my essence and plugging it into my flat, science-based speech. Barrie taught me how to shine brightly when presenting my research. I am truly grateful for all that I learned in her Speaker’s Lab course!”

Aimee Williams

    Crafting a remarkable speech, keynote address or company presentation requires vision, creativity and a strategic mindset. Having a coach, accountability partners and goals ensures your speech will come to the stage polished, powerful and truly effective.
    ~ Barrie