The way you listen to others can change everything.

Listening is a bold and subtly elevated, sensitive undertaking and an outrageous gift to offer our friends, loved ones, communities and strangers.

Stand and Deliver Asheville and David LaMotte present…

The Art of Listening To Each Other

Cultivate Listening Skills

Build Better Relationships

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Everyone seems to be talking, but so few people feel heard. 

Our news articles all have comment sections, our Facebook pages are dripping with emojis and people shouting in ALL CAPS, restaurants seem to position televisions so that it is impossible to not be in view of one. There are so many words, but a painful deficit of careful listening.

As communication increases in variety and volume, the need for listening and presence-based attention skills is also growing.  

Careful, intentional, and effective listening can be taught and learned, but it is more than a formulaic skill. It is a quality of relating, an ability to hold inner and outer silence. It is also an outrageous gift to offer our friends, loved ones, and communities.

The Art of Listening to Each Other, co-led by David LaMotte and Barrie Barton, is an interactive workshop series designed to cultivate active listening skills and build better relationships. The workshop meets three consecutive days or evenings for approximately 90 minutes each session. 

In this interactive series with Barrie and David, you will…

  • experience, explore and develop greater capacity and appreciation for listening
  • you will also be listened to

Who Should Participate In The Art Of Listening Workshop?

Our AoL workshop is perfect for startups, large corporate groups, activist groups, changemakers, artists, social entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, educational groups and nonprofit teams. 


Join Barrie Barton and David LaMotte for…

  1. Three 90-minute transformational sessions
  2. Learn body language cues and ‘body listening’
  3. Navigate power dynamics
  4. Differentiate between judgement and curiosity
  5. How to uncover your barriers to listening

Learn how to…

  • speak consciously, clearly, and concisely without anxiety
  • respond instead of react
  • speak in a way that’s kind, honest, and helpful
  • know when to speak and when to stay quiet
  • stay engaged when listening
  • express yourself so that others can hear you
  • nip potential problems in the bud before they become meltdowns
  • be comfortable in silence – you’re no longer needing to fill the space!
  • Space available for 25 participants, or customize your workshop.


    Here’s What You’ll Get:

    • Group activities and discussions
    • Explore and clarify personal barriers to listening and being heard
    • Develop applicable active listening practices to use in the real world
    • For deeper connections to yourself, your team, and the world around you
    • Greater attunement to body listening, reflective statements, and more

    Details & Logistics:

    • Location can be determined between Barrie, David and your group
    • 3 consecutive weekdays or weekends, or 3 sessions (1 per week) depending on group’s availability
    • Time: we can schedule each 90-minute session to fit your group’s schedule

    • Limited to 25 participants
    • All experience levels welcome
    • $145 / per person or set rate negotiable for large group

    Meet Your Facilitators

    “Careful, intentional, and effective listening can be taught and learned, but it is more than a formulaic skill. It is a way of being. It is a muscle that we can work out — both for strength and agility.”
    David LaMotte

    David LaMotte is a Rotary World Peace Fellow, a former Clerk of the AFSC Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Group, and the author of Worldchanging 101: Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness. He is also a performing songwriter, with over 3000 concerts on five continents to his credit.

    “To be more comfortable in silence is difficult. That struggle to not feel obligated to fill the space…we want to help people overcome that.”    
    Barrie Barton

    Barrie Barton is a life-long facilitator, teacher, and director of presence-based training program Stand and Deliver Asheville and Artistic Director of Story Choreography Projects.