Master the Art of Speaking


Ready to accelerate your business or organization?
Aiming to have greater impact and build stronger connections?
Seeking to overcome a lack of confidence or fear about speaking?
Or land that interview or pitch?

Launch A More Confident Team in 2022!

Shift from Fear to Excitement and Readiness!

This training focuses on 3 Public Speaking modules: Messenger, Meaning, and Message.

Attendees learn dynamic speech delivery tools, develop confidence, poise, and presence through presence-based practices, and a apply Barrie's step-by-step approach to designing well-organized content and messages.

These 3 modules help attendees learn to speak with authentic power in order to become a more confident communicator and deliver engaging presentations that are persuasive and effective.

Though experiential practices with a supportive and non-judgmental approach, Barrie uplifts the way your team will connect with people in business and in life.

You will be ready to expand your reach in business, lead with greater authority and land that pitch or interview.

This training is a perfect training for all members of your team; leaders, managers, administrative, human resource, and team members.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Skills and established practices to support effective speaking and communicating
  • Proven methods to anchor confidence and magnify authentic power, poise and presence.
  • Organizational system to craft a speech.
  • Tools to cultivate inner resources of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and attunement to others.

What You Will Get:

  • Interactive learning sessions.
  • Guided lessons on delivery skills, content creation and performance tips.
  • Workbook & Videos
  • Personalized and group feedback.
  • Action plan for continued learning and improvement.

Training Details:

  • Available for 4 - 2hr. sessions 2x week, whole-day or half-day sessions.
  • Customized to meet your company needs.
  • Serves groups starting at 8 attendees to large groups to 50.

Training Pricing:

Contact Barrie for Customized Proposal to meet your time, needs and budget.

What Clients Are Saying

Yes! I would like to master the art of speaking.