Speak in a Moment's Notice

On the Spot & Off Script


You never expected to be called on – right? But you are rising to your feet to speak without a clue of what to say. Or your client asks you a question and your mind registers blank. Your answer doesn’t quite hit the mark. Sometimes we slide through these moments with poise and other times we mumble and fumble.

In this interactive session, Barrie guides you with tools that turn the mumble and fumble into witty with wisdom and landing that Q&A question with composure and confidence. The training includes:

  • Taming anxiety response
  • Listening skills
  • Storytelling & Improvisation
  • Mindset mastery
  • Plan of Action

Be ready to engage and apply new skills of calming the mind and body, listening deeply, thinking creatively, responding fluently, and of course – Speaking in a moment’s notice.

This training is beneficial for sales people, customer service, managers and anyone seeking to be present and responsive to clients, employees and the public.

Yes! I would like my team or staff to improve their ability to respond with composure and confidence. I'm interested in learning more about Speak In A Moment's Notice.