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Create Greater Virtual Presence & Connection

Free 1-hour Webinar

September 8 and September 10 | 9:30 - 10:30 am

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In a flash, our communication shifted from shared space to a square screen. Our subconscious is hard wired to read body language, but Zoom affords us few clues to the hearts and minds of our audience.

If you believe making a genuine connection with others is essential– this webinar offers tools to bridge the great divide from your home to others and to genuinely engage and build stronger connections even from a distance.

In this training Barrie teaches you to:

  • Cultivate practices to generate self-awareness and presence
  • Learn communication skills that captivate and express confidence
  • Reduce online stress and fatigue.
  • Develop personal presence plan for future virtual meetings

Join me to transform virtual platforms into an expansive opportunity.