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Create Greater Virtual Presence & Connection

Free 1-hour Webinar

September 8 and September 10 | 9:30 - 10:30 am

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In a flash, our communication shifted from shared space to a square screen. Our subconscious is hard wired to read body language, but Zoom affords us few clues to the hearts and minds of our audience.

If you believe making a genuine connection with others is essential– this webinar offers tools to bridge the great divide from your home to others and to genuinely engage and build stronger connections even from a distance.

In this training Barrie teaches you to:

  • Cultivate practices to generate self-awareness and presence
  • Learn communication skills that captivate and express confidence
  • Reduce online stress and fatigue.
  • Develop personal presence plan for future virtual meetings

Join me to transform virtual platforms into an expansive opportunity.

Slide “Barrie’s hands-on workshop, provided tools to craft my message the right way and provided physical & mindset practices to prepare how to show up with confidence. I was anxious to enroll in her course, but quickly found a safe place surrounded with positivity and encouragement. I highly recommend Barrie’s workshop!”

Founder, Spark Hustle Grow
Slide “Barrie’s course in speaking and presentation was extremely useful. I learned new insights into my approach to presenting. Each sample exercise was geared towards our specific needs and they all built well upon one another. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to others.”

I.T. Department, WCU
Slide "Barrie is an inspiring speaker and presentation coach who helps you find your inner source of confidence and power as a presenter or facilitator. Her approach is authentic, personable and non-threatening. Barrie makes getting on the stage or behind the podium seem like the most natural thing you could do!"

- Chris Allen, Creative Biz - Conscious Entrepreneurs
Slide "I enjoyed your class so much! Your teaching style speaks to me and made me feel 100% comfortable. Plus, it was such a welcoming environment. I think my fellow students are great - each of us has our own unique gifts and strengths... so I'm already learning from them too!"

Nancy Casey, Speaker’s Learning Lab client 2018
(SLL – Fall 2018)
Slide "The speech was a massive hit. Over 1,300 people and probably 200 people came up to me during the conference and told me how much they enjoyed it. Also, probably getting a gig in Hawaii because of it. Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks so much!"

Brent Darnell
Emotional Intelligence Coach Individual Coaching
Slide "Barrie was an expert at drawing out each of our stories and developing our confidence and presence. I really found her very responsive to helping me develop my story and I really enjoyed working with her."

Crystal Goure, Graphic Designer
YMCA SLL Fall 2018