Stand and Deliver presents…

life stories in motion: A Story Choreography Project

4 week workshop-take one or all

September 21st | 6:00-7:30 pm

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Bring out the stories within you and transform them into a work of art.

Story Choreography Projects helps individuals dive into a creative and emotional experience by exploring your personal stories and movement and weaving them into performance art.

The experience of this workshop will enrich your life, broaden understanding of your unique history, bring greater compassion to others and honor the extraordinary experiences we collectively share.

Story Choreography Projects is a special workshop offered 1-2x per year by artistic director and facilitator Barrie Barton. Each SCP project has a specific theme. The Spring 2019 theme is “Lost & Found.”

Who Is Story Choreography Projects For?

Anyone can join Story Choreography Projects. Participants must be located in Western North Carolina and able to attend the 9-week workshop, culminating in a performance in downtown Asheville, NC.

How will SCP change YOUR life?

The SCP creative process is designed to harness the unspoken, the hidden, the unshared and the taboo and transform it into the spoken, seen and expressed actions through the container of creativity, performance and community.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Experience the interweaving of stories, movement and multi-media into the montage of the human collective: personal and universal.
  • Learn performance and presentation skills that builds confidence and provides an outlet for personal expression.
  • Discover a fun, playful and engaging process that is both personal and community oriented.
  • A greater sense of self as well as strategies for accessing your inner voice and strength.
  • New friends and a greater appreciation for the complex lives we all live.

Details & Logistics:

  • Monday, September 21
  • 6:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Pay what you can - $10 or $15
  • Limited to 12 participants

Stitching Stories Through Choreography

Stories are written and spoken, but Story Choreographer, Barrie Barton  takes stories to the stage. In her presentation, she shares how community members, age 25-70 go spelunking for personal stories and movements around a specific theme and then co-create a performance piece…including choreography and spoken word.

Her presentation reveals the creativity, compassion and courage and ultimate liberation kindled through this process. Barrie reveals participant’s poignant stories from a lifetime secret to a recovering heroine addict. The stories cover the full spectrum of the human  condition. Through telling our stories, “We are seen and heard.We belong. We are not alone. We a part of a much larger story.”

Is Story Choreography a Good Fit for Me?

Story Choreography is perfect for anyone who wants to connect more deeply and express themselves more creatively!. During this 9-week workshop, you’ll dive into a collaborative and emotional experience by exploring personal stories and movement and weaving them into performance art. You’ll harness the unspoken, the hidden, the unshared and the taboo and transform it into spoken, seen and expressed actions. Participants have claimed that this course has enriched their lives, broadened the understanding of their unique history, brought a greater sense of compassion to others and honored the extraordinary experiences that they collectively share.

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