Spread your message. Engage your community. Advance your cause.

Improve your skills in the ancient art of storytelling, combine it with fresh modern practices, and enjoy the results.

Stand and Deliver Asheville and Marilyn Ball present…

Write and Present Your Story

A Storytelling Intensive

Workshop for Groups

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The act of generating, writing and telling stories is sometimes described as…bridging. stitching. weaving. connecting.

Discovering, writing and telling the stories of your organization includes all the above, as well as offering us a guide to connect more fully and with greater impact with the real meaning of our work.

People support businesses and the vision and principles they champion because of an emotional connection. For an idea to pass from one person to another, it needs to be contained in something that can easily be transmitted.

A good story is this kind of container.

Write and Present Your Story, co-led by Marilyn Ball and Barrie Barton, is an intensive workshop designed to help organizations and companies tell better stories in the best way possible so they can see its impact quickly where they need it most.

The workshop meets for either one full day, or a full day and a half, depending on your group’s needs. 

In these highly interactive workshops with Barrie Barton and Marilyn Ball, you will explore the why and how of writing and telling stories and work
independently and in groups to share your own experiences.

Together, we will develop ideas and create a success story from introduction to conclusion.

Participants will also apply presentation skills such as posture, gesture and vocal variety to help deliver stories with confidence and conviction so your powerful message can move audiences to action.

Who Should Participate In The Write and Present Your Story Workshop?

Our Write and Present Your Story workshop is perfect for startups, corporate groups, activist groups, educational organizations, and nonprofit teams. 


Join Barrie Barton and Marilyn Ball for…

  1. A full day or day +
    half-day workshop
  2. Develop specific writing and speaking tools to create a compelling story.
  3. Learn applicable “go-to” skills for effective speaking and communicating.
  4. Project greater confidence and connection in presenting your story.
  5. Build a storytelling culture and story bank.
  6. Create a new strategic mindset for your brand storytelling that will unleash untapped emotional assets of your organization.
  7. Explore new ways to shift public perception for the work being done throughout
    the organization and the issues you champion

Space limited to 30 participants, or customize your workshop.


Here’s What You’ll Take Away:

  • Strengthen your organization’s culture and reinforce its values.
  • Satisfaction from creating and sharing personal and organizational stories.
  • Effective habits to calm nervousness, project confidence and engage your audience.
  • A more cohesive connection with fellow board members, leaders and staff.
  • A toolbox of resources to spearhead fundraising and advocacy efforts.
  • A unique and fun experience.

Details & Logistics:

  • Workshop can be hosted on-site at your location, or another location can be chosen between Barrie, Marilyn, and your group
  • 1 full day or 1 1/2 days, depending on your group’s needs
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm with working lunch (time flexibility available) on the first day, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on the second day

  • Limited to 30 participants
  • All experience levels welcome
  • includes materials

Full Day Workshop

9 am – 4pm with working lunch
Cost: $3200
includes all materials

Full Day + Half Day Workshop

Day 1: 9 am – 4pm with working lunch
Day 2: 9 am – 12noon
Cost: $3900
includes materials PLUS
follow-up monthly newsletters with tips, practice guides and videos
Discounted consulting pricing

Meet Your Facilitators

Barrie Barton, M.A.

Barrie Barton is the founder and lead facilitator of Stand and Deliver, a presentation and communication skills coaching frm for corporate professionals and teams.

Stand and Deliver Asheville combines Ms. Barton’s
decades of experience as a facilitator, educator, director and performer to uniquely develop the art and skill of dynamic presentations and effective communication for all who participate.

Her teaching style combines her highly developed and insightful perspectives of body language, presentation mastery and adult learning methods with her talent and passion to motivate and encourage her clients to reach their finest potential. As a lifelong educator, Ms. Barton’s finely tuned capacity to organize learning, results in an embodied experience of success and lasting results.

Marilyn Ball

Marilyn Ball is the founder of 12Twelve Marketing and a leading expert in developing solutions for business growth and helping improve marketing success. She supports local organizations in building a collaborative culture based on openness, transparency and trust. In addition to 25+ years in public relations and communications, Marilyn is a teacher, mentor and storyteller.

In October 2015, Arcadia Publishing/The History Press published her book, The Rise of Asheville: An Exceptional History of Community Building, a series of stories tracing the bonds of community that gave rise to Asheville today.

She is the host of the radio show, Speaking of Travel, heard on News Radio 570 WWNC and 880 The Revolution and teaches How to Tell Your Story to Advance Your Cause for the
Duke Nonprofit Management Program. 

Testimonials From Former Clients

“I’ve always appreciated the power of the storytelling, but it can be hard to remember to break out of the
“organizational communications” box. This gave me a renewed sense of how important these stories truly are.”
“The greatest impact was around developing a presence that connects with my audience.”
“Inspired, motivated to write more.”
“Hopeful, encouraged, empowered, committed.”