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Learn skills for public speaking, presentations, and deeper communication to create a positive ripple effect on everything you do.

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Discover and experience leadership qualities you never knew you had.

Stand and Deliver, founded by Barrie Barton, is a presentation and communication skills coaching program for business professionals, teams, executives, artists, authors, and other individuals who have one important goal: to embody a clear and compelling presence everywhere they go.

We Offer Workshops and Coaching For Individuals and Groups:

  • Meetings. Presentations. Sales pitches. Skype. Phone. Whether it’s collaborating between departments or a keynote for hundreds of stakeholders, you have the ability to effect powerful change for your company.

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  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. You have the power to move beyond your limitations and create a lasting impact. Discover your personal charisma and learn to effortlessly communicate with anyone.

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  • Join Barrie and renowned changemaker David LaMotte for The Art of Listening. Experience the power of Storytelling with Impact, featuring Barrie and Marilyn Ball. Work with Barrie in Learning Lab or Story Choreography Project.

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Let Barrie help you move toward your success.

Guided by Barrie Barton, a facilitator with over 30 years of experience, you can learn to generate effective presentation and communications skills. From a simple conversation in the grocery store, to asking for a raise, to making the biggest sales pitch of the year, you can hone your skills and create a ripple effect that touches the rest of your everyday activities. Discover and experience leadership qualities you never knew you had.

Cultivate an inner resource of self-awareness and inner authority.

  • Barrie's signature Learning Lab is a special multi-week program offered a few times per year. Become a better speaker in a safe, fun learning environment. See why previous Labs have sold out!

  • Barrie Barton and David LaMotte offer a transformational multi-week workshop that helps people move beyond 'hearing' to 'active listening' while becoming more self-aware. Perfect for organizations.

  • Your presentation skills determine how long someone will be engaged with you. Whether running a meeting, giving a community talk or authentically growing your sales...improve your presentation.

Client Success Stories

  • Public speaking is not top of my list of favorite things to do, but it is a huge part of my job! Barrie equipped me with the confidence and tools I need to prepare and professionally deliver anything from one-minute opening remarks to hour-long presentations. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to learn from Barrie, and highly recommend others do the same!

    Megan Robinson Executive Director, The Collider
  • Barrie’s hands-on workshop, provided tools to craft my message the right way and provided physical & mindset practices to prepare how to show up with confidence. I was anxious to enroll in her course, but quickly found a safe place surrounded with positivity and encouragement. I highly recommend Barrie’s workshop!

    Julie Ball Founder, Spark Hustle Grow
  • Barrie helps you deliver words in ways that convey deeper meaning and, as a result, have greater impact. I found her advice on tone, speed, cadence, and body movement incredibly helpful.

    Scott Steen President and CEO, American Forests, Washington, DC
  • When WWBC asked me to present, it was a no-brainer to reach out to Barrie who embodies the skills and confidence I needed. I knew her coaching would help conquer some long standing internal messages and prepare me to present to 150 business women. I look forward to working with her again and again. Barrie, you have my heart and I am so honored you were with me. You are amazing…thank you!

    Maureen Simon Photographer, Featured Speaker for Western Women Business Center Annual Conference 2016
  • I was presented the opportunity to do a talk in front of a business group recently and had to write something that came from my heart, about me and my journey, to be an inspiration to others. I asked Barrie Barton to help me formulate a streamlined effective focused and powerful presentation based upon a couple of pages that I had written. What she did was absolutely amazing. She took my scattered thoughts and made it a powerful, focused talk… in one day.

    Tebbe Davis Artist
  • Through Barrie’s encouraging and politely firm approach, she leads her participants to make an entirely new presentation of themselves and their approach to communication.

    Hugh Huntington President, The Huntington Group, Inc.

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