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The final piece required is…you. 

The final piece required is you

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There isn’t an easy, “one-size fits all” trick to presentations, public speaking, or communications. 

But that’s a good thing!

Because your verbal cadence, gesturing and personality communication styles vary, we guide you to discover your signature strengths and authentic voice. This accomplishes two goals:

1) You stand and communicate from your power, passion and confidence.

2) From that, you are available to easily and skillfully connect with others.

At the core of all communication is Connectionwhether you are meeting with a client, leading a meeting or presenting to 300 people. Building strong connections equates to generating a sense of trust and credibility thus having a greater ability for guiding with integrity and collaborating with your clients and colleagues.

At stand and deliver...At Stand and Deliver Asheville, we offer a three-step approach to all our training.

1. We help you develop The Instrument.

Talented presenters require learning a basic skill set of posture, gestures, vocal variety and eye contact. Repetition and practice makes perfect. Our training offers easy “go-to” tools you can apply immediately.

2. We help you expand your Compelling Content.

If you have an great idea or message or you are selling a product or service, content organization and clarity of language and concepts is essential. Spark your audiences attention and keep them captivated with sound content through our training program.  

3. We help you bring out your Inner Authority.

Through interactive and presence based exercises, we guide you to develop self-awareness through understanding intention, mindfulness, attunement to self and other. Develop your inner authority and you are a leader who is at conscious choice as how you respond, react, listen and speak in any given situation.

Barrie Barton

Founder and Lead Facilitator

Barrie Barton is the founder and lead facilitator of Stand and Deliver, a presentation and communication skills coaching firm for corporate professionals and teams. Stand and Deliver Asheville combines Ms. Barton’s decades of experience as a facilitator, educator, director and performer to uniquely develop the art and skill of dynamic presentations and effective communication for all who participate.

Her teaching style combines highly developed and insightful perspectives of body language, presentation mastery and adult learning methods with her talent and passion to motivate and encourage clients to reach their finest potential. As a lifelong educator, Ms. Barton’s finely tuned capacity to organize learning, results in an embodied experience of success and lasting results.

Barrie’s approach is firm and honest, with a dash of humor, empowering you to make meaningful personal connections and challenging you to stand up and deliver in a more powerful and confident way.

In addition to her groundbreaking Stand and Deliver Asheville series, Barton serves as Artistic Director of Community Choreography Projects. She directed and produced 10 large-scale multi-media productions at the Diana Wortham Theatre and other venues. Ms. Barton holds a BA in Dance from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Masters of Arts Education from Vermont College.  She taught for over 22 years in two High Schools as a Dance Educator in the Buncombe County School System.

  • Member of Asheville Toastmasters, Mentorship Coordinator
  • Served as Asheville Toastmaster President and Area Governor
  • Volunteer with Our Voice
  • Presenter at North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • NC Department of Education Committee Member to rewrite K-12 Dance Curriculum
  • Former Board Member, Jubilee! Community
  • Recipient, Art in the Park Grant
  • Recipient, Regional Artist Grant
  • Fellow, N.C. Arts Council Fellowship Award

Barrie’s expertise in streamlining content, organizing my ideas and editing PowerPoint was remarkably efficient and on point. Her coaching gave me the benefit of feeling confident in my content and relaxed in my delivery.
Richard Fort
Richard Fort

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